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Sky Hub > Powerline Sky Hub Wireless Powerline Ethernet Security Maintenance Advanced Support Licence Information Logout Wireless Settings Wireless WPS Logs Block Sites Firewall Rules Services Schedule Router Status Attached Devices Backup Settings Set Password Diagnostics Router Upgrade WAN Setup Dynamic DNS LAN IP Setup Remote Management UPnP Powerline You can use this page to set up your Powerline network. Powerline Setup help Powerline: OFF ON Pass Phrase: --> Apply AVLN Membership help Query Device Membership Status Push Button Simple Connect Push Button Leave Network Apply --> Powerline Setup Turn the Powerline network on or off. It can take a few seconds to complete. Please note, your Sky Hub will only connect to other Powerline devices authorised by Sky. Pass Phrase Enter the pass phrase for the Powerline network (sometimes called the Network Membership Key, or NMK). --> Homeplug AV Logical Network(AVLN) Membership Query Device Membership Status If device is powered on and ready,returns the current AVLN membership status of the device. Push Button Simple Connect simulates Push Button simple connect Push Button Leave Network simulates Push Button Randomize(Leaving Network) procedure. -->
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