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Sky Hub > Upgrade Sky Hub Wireless Powerline Ethernet Security Maintenance Advanced Support Licence Information Logout Wireless Settings Wireless WPS Logs Block Sites Firewall Rules Services Schedule Router Status Attached Devices Backup Settings Set Password Diagnostics Router Upgrade WAN Setup Dynamic DNS LAN IP Setup Remote Management UPnP Sky Hub Upgrade We'll periodically update your Sky Hub software automatically. There may be times when you will be advised to do this manually. Sky Technical Support will assist you if this is the case. Important: Once you select Upload do not interrupt the process of updating the software on the Sky Hub or restart the Sky Hub. If you think the process may be interrupted in some way, click Cancel to keep the current Sky Hub software. Select file from your Hard Disk: help Cancel Apply To upgrade the Sky Hub software You will be advised to go to a Sky website and download the updated software. You may want to read the Release Notes before continuing. Select Browse Locate and select the file you just downloaded and uncompressed Click Upload to update the software on the Sky Hub This loads the new software in the Sky Hub and causes the Sky Hub to restart. Important: Whilst upgrading your Sky Hub software don't go online, shutdown the computer, turn off or do anything else to the Sky Hub until it fully reboots. Select Sky Hub and check the Firmware Version to verify that your Sky Hub now has the new software installed Note: In some cases, such as a major upgrade, you may need to reconfigure settings of your Sky Hub after upgrading it. Refer to the Release Notes included with the software to find out if you need to reconfigure the Sky Hub.
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