Advanced Flash Upgrade Upgrade via FTP for the SnapGear SG565Router Sceenshot

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SG565 - Flash Upgrade (TFTP) Network Setup Network Setup DHCP Server Web Cache Shares QoS Traffic Shaping SIP Firewall Incoming Access Definitions Packet Filtering NAT Connection Tracking Intrusion Detection Access Control Antivirus Antispam VPN PPTP VPN Client PPTP VPN Server L2TP VPN Client L2TP VPN Server IPSec Port Tunnels System Date and Time Backup/Restore Users Management Diagnostics Advanced Help and Support Copyright (C) 1999-2008 Secure Computing Corp. All rights reserved. Flash Upgrade (TFTP) Reboot Flash Upgrade Configuration Files Language Device Config Upgrade via HTTP Upgrade via TFTP Information Regarding Flash Upgrade Warning: Should the flash upgrade be interrupted in any manner (such as removing power) the SnapGear unit will stop functioning and will be unusable until its flash is reprogrammed using the recovery procedure. User care is recommended in completing this step. Warning: Ensure that before upgrading firmware you have created an encrypted version of your configuration and stored it in a safe place. This can be done on the Store/Restore page. It may take a minute for the web page to appear after you have started this step. Note: When you click the Upgrade button below, the SnapGear unit will stop responding while it downloads the new image. Flash Upgrade via TFTP Type in the IP address of the machine that is running a TFTP server and that also has the upgrade image file. You will also need to specify the file's correct name. Note, SnapGear upgrade image names take the form of MODEL_VERSION_DATE.sgu (e.g. SG550_v2.0.2_20040621.sgu ). IP Address Filename Warning: Put extra parameters in here at the request of customer support only. Extra Parameters  
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