Diagnostics Network Tests for the SnapGear SG565Router Sceenshot

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SG565 - Diagnostics Network Setup Network Setup DHCP Server Web Cache Shares QoS Traffic Shaping SIP Firewall Incoming Access Definitions Packet Filtering NAT Connection Tracking Intrusion Detection Access Control Antivirus Antispam VPN PPTP VPN Client PPTP VPN Server L2TP VPN Client L2TP VPN Server IPSec Port Tunnels System Date and Time Backup/Restore Users Management Diagnostics Advanced Help and Support Copyright (C) 1999-2008 Secure Computing Corp. All rights reserved. Diagnostics System System Log Network Tests USB Packet Capture Network Tests To perform a ping test enter address of a remote machine below and press Ping . Note: This test may take 10-15 seconds to complete. To perform a traceroute test enter the address of a remote machine below and press Traceroute . Note: This test may take a few minutes to complete. This test uses UDP datagrams, as opposed to the ICMP ECHO packets used by the Windows tracert tool. There may be differences between the results returned here and those on a PC. IP Address of Remote Machine Source Interface Default (as per routing tables) Bridge 0 ( Speakeasy Bonded T1* (Port B, ) Lookup DNS Names    
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