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SG565 - Centralized Management Settings Network Setup Network Setup DHCP Server Web Cache Shares QoS Traffic Shaping SIP Firewall Incoming Access Definitions Packet Filtering NAT Connection Tracking Intrusion Detection Access Control Antivirus Antispam VPN PPTP VPN Client PPTP VPN Server L2TP VPN Client L2TP VPN Server IPSec Port Tunnels System Date and Time Backup/Restore Users Management Diagnostics Advanced Help and Support Copyright (C) 1999-2008 Secure Computing Corp. All rights reserved. Centralized Management Settings CommandCenter Management CMS Management SNMP CMS Management CMS Attributes Centralized Management Configuration These settings are used to allow this device to be managed by the Central Management Server. Enter the values assigned by your central system administrator. The authentication key must be entered EXACTLY in order for management communication to be established. Enable Central Management IP Address of CMS CMS Registration password Back-to-base ping interval (s) Local SNMP port SNMP trap port on CMS Administrative Contact Device Location Syslog Remote Port Syslog Filter Absolutely Everything Everything but Debug Notices, Warnings and Errors Errors and warnings All Error conditions Emergency, Alerts and Critical Errors Emergency and Alerts Errors Emergency Errors only Log Nothing  
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