Network Setup DNS DNS Proxy for the SnapGear SG565Router Sceenshot

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SG565 - DNS Proxy Server Network Setup Network Setup DHCP Server Web Cache Shares QoS Traffic Shaping SIP Firewall Incoming Access Definitions Packet Filtering NAT Connection Tracking Intrusion Detection Access Control Antivirus Antispam VPN PPTP VPN Client PPTP VPN Server L2TP VPN Client L2TP VPN Server IPSec Port Tunnels System Date and Time Backup/Restore Users Management Diagnostics Advanced Help and Support Copyright (C) 1999-2008 Secure Computing Corp. All rights reserved. DNS Proxy Server Connections Failover & H/A Routes System DNS IPv6 DNS Proxy Dynamic DNS Static Hosts DNS Proxy Server The SnapGear unit can be configured to run as a Domain Name Server. The unit acts as a DNS proxy and then passes incoming DNS requests to the appropriate external DNS server. All the computers on the LAN should then use the unit's IP address as their DNS server. Enable DNS Proxy Update DNS with local DHCP leases Enable DNS reply record filtering  
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