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Diagnostic Tools Router Configuration DE | FR | IT | EN     Overview Settings Diagnostics Logout Statistics Diagnostic Tools System Log Technical Readout Reboot Router Reset Configuration   Diagnostic Tools Ping Destination Web address, IP address or host name Ping e.g. www.google.ch,, MyPC Traceroute Destination Web address, IP address or host name Traceroute e.g. www.google.ch,, MyPC Help Ping The ping function lets you check whether you can contact a device or a server within your network or on the Internet. The ping function sends 4 requests to the specified destination and indicates how many responses are received from this device or server and how long the response time lasts. The greater the number of responses lost and the longer the response time, the less contactable the device or server is. If there are no responses to any of the requests (100 %% loss), this indicates that the device or server is no longer contactable. Trace route The trace route function lets you check the route that data packets take until they reach a certain device or server. The trace route function lists all the intermediate stations (IP router) which the data packets pass through en route between your router and the destination you entered. Copyright Swisscom AG 2009    All rights reserved
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