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Network / Basic Settings Router Configuration DE | FR | IT | EN     Overview Settings Diagnostics Logout Network WLAN Phone Number(s) Router   Network Basic Settings Port Forwarding IP Passthrough Devices Services UPnP   Network Settings Router IP address IP address, e.g. Subnet Mask IP address, e.g. DNS server IP addresses Retrieve automatically     Set manually   DNS server 1 IP address   IP address, e.g. DNS server 2 IP address   IP address, e.g. IP Address Distribution Enable DHCP Range starts at IP address IP address, e.g. Range ends at IP address IP address, e.g.   Save Cancel Help DNS Server The IP addresses of the DNS servers are automatically assigned. Where special requirements arise, you can also enter your own DNS servers. DHCP DHCP automatically assigns an IP address to network devices which do not have a fixed IP address setting. IP addresses are assigned in ascending order. You can set the range from which these addresses originate. At the same time, you can also define the number of IP addresses which can be automatically assigned. Copyright Swisscom AG 2009    All rights reserved
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