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Network / Devices Router Configuration DE | FR | IT | EN     Overview Settings Diagnostics Logout Network WLAN Phone Number(s) Router   Network Basic Settings Port Forwarding IP Passthrough Devices Services UPnP   Add a new device   Device description Device is identified by Actions Description, e.g. «MyPC» -- Choose -- Host name MAC address IP Address   -- Choose -- «new-host» «PC-de-patrick» «\» e.g. 00:0a:95:cc:b0:6c e.g. Add a new device     Devices Device description Device is identified by Actions «\» Host name: \ Edit Delete Help Add a new device The operating controls for the router will be clearer if you assign your devices an identifiable name. The router can only identify a device if it is in possession of a unique characteristic of the device (host name - if the device issues any such details, a MAC address or IP address). If you opt for detection via the IP address, ensure that you set an IP address on the actual device (static IP address). For further details, read the device's user guide. Select which feature you wish to use and specify the relevant data. These settings can be changed at any time or you can erase the device, if you don't use it anymore. Copyright Swisscom AG 2009    All rights reserved
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