Network IP Passthrough for the Swisscom Centro GrandeRouter Sceenshot

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Network / IP Passthrough Router Configuration DE | FR | IT | EN     Overview Settings Diagnostics Logout Network WLAN Phone Number(s) Router   Network Basic Settings Port Forwarding IP Passthrough Devices Services UPnP   Set Mode NAT default mode is Off   1 Select 2 Static NAT IP Address Off NAT default mode -- Choose -- Patrick-PC new-host PC-de-patrick All unsolicited inbound traffic will be sent to the above device     Save Cancel Help NAT Default This feature allows you to direct your Router to forward all externally initiated IP traffic (TCP and UDP protocols only) to a default host on the LAN. Enable it when you cannot anticipate what port number or packet protocol an in-bound application might use. For example, some network games select arbitrary port numbers when a connection is opened. Copyright Swisscom AG 2009    All rights reserved
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