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Router / Firmware Upgrade Router Configuration DE | FR | IT | EN     Overview Settings Diagnostics Logout Network WLAN Phone Number(s) Router   Router Basic Settings Router Password Firmware Reboot Router Reset Configuration   Upgrade router firmware from the Internet Installed firmware Check for upgrade Upgrade router firmware from a firmware file Installed firmware Select firmware file Upgrade firmware Help Upgrade firmware The router is operated with dedicated software, so-called firmware. Swisscom makes improved versions of this firmware available from time to time. The router sources it automatically, keeping its firmware up to date at all times. If you encounter problems with the router, you can also upgrade the firmware yourself. From the Internet Click the «Search for current firmware» button. The router then checks on the Internet to establish whether there is a newer version of the firmware available than the version which is installed. If there is, the router will advise you to upgrade the firmware. From a firmware file If your Internet access has stopped working properly, you can also upgrade the firmware from a firmware file. Using a computer which has access to the Internet, go to and save the firmware file on a storage medium which your computer can read. Select this firmware file using the Browse button and then click Upgrade firmware. Copyright Swisscom AG 2009    All rights reserved
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