Quick Setup for the TP-Link TD-W8950NDRouter Sceenshot

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Quick Setup This Quick Setup will guide you through the steps necessary to configure your DSL Router. Select the check box below to enable DSL Auto-connect process. DSL Auto-connect Please choose your country and ISP first. Country: ISP: other ATM PVC Configuration The Port Identifier (PORT) Virtual Path Identifier (VPI) and Virtual Channel Identifier (VCI) are needed for setting up the ATM PVC. Do not change VPI and VCI numbers unless your ISP instructs you otherwise. PORT: [0-3] VPI: [0-255] VCI: [32-65535] Enable Quality Of Service Enabling QoS for a PVC improves performance for selected classes of applications. However, since QoS also consumes system resources, the number of PVCs will be reduced consequently. Use Advanced Setup/Quality of Service to assign priorities for the applications. Enable Quality Of Service
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