QoS Queue Management Configuration for the TP-Link TD-W8960Nv1.3.6Router Sceenshot

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QoS -- Queue Management Configuration If Enable QoS checkbox is selected, choose a default DSCP mark to automatically mark incoming traffic without reference to a particular classifier. Click 'Apply/Save' button to save it. Note: If Enable Qos checkbox is not selected, all QoS will be disabled for all interfaces. Note: The default DSCP mark is used to mark all egress packets that do not match any classification rules.     Enable QoS --> Select Default DSCP Mark: No Change(-1) Auto Marking(-2) default(000000) AF13(001110) AF12(001100) AF11(001010) CS1(001000) AF23(010110) AF22(010100) AF21(010010) CS2(010000) AF33(011110) AF32(011100) AF31(011010) CS3(011000) AF43(100110) AF42(100100) AF41(100010) CS4(100000) EF(101110) CS5(101000) CS6(110000) CS7(111000) -->
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