ADSL Configuration for the TP-Link TD864wRouter Sceenshot

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ADSL Configuration ADSL Configuration This page shows the setting of the ADSL Router. Adsl Line Status SHOWTIME.L0 Adsl Mode G992.5 Up Stream 799 kbps Down Stream 8191 kbps Attenuation Down Stream 3 Attenuation Up Stream 3 SNR Margin Down Stream 22.3 SNR Margin Up Stream 17.4 Vendor ID TP-LINK Firmware Version 4925ca26 CRC Errors 30 Up Stream BER 0e-7 Down Stream BER 0e-7 Up Output Power 5 Down Output Power 5.5 Down Stream ES 14 Up Stream ES 78 Down Stream SES 0 Up Stream SES 16 Down Stream UAS 0 Up Stream UAS 0        Adsl Retrain:
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