DHCP Mode for the TP-Link TD864wRouter Sceenshot

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DHCP Server Setup DHCP Mode This page can be used to config the DHCP mode:None,DHCP Relay or DHCP Server. (1)Enable the DHCP Server if you are using this device as a DHCP server. This page lists the IP address pools available to hosts on your LAN. The device distributes numbers in the pool to hosts on your network as they request Internet access. (2)Enable the DHCP Relay if you are using the other DHCP server to assign IP address to your hosts on the LAN. You can set the DHCP server ip address. (3)If you choose "None", then the modem will do nothing when the hosts request a IP address. LAN IP Address: Subnet Mask: DHCP Mode NOFDREF NBIO ASYNC INCOMP None DHCP Relay DHCP Server IP Pool Range - Subnet Mask: Default Gateway: Max Lease Time: minutes Domain Name: DNS Servers: Relay Server:
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