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ADSL Router Status ADSL Router Status This page shows the current status and some basic settings of the device. System Alias Name TD864W Uptime 6 23:14:59 Date/Time Wed Oct 23 18:26:4 2013 Firmware Version V01.11 Build.130301 Rel.0662798 Built Date Mar 1 2013 17:26:38 Serial Number \ DSL Operational Status G992.5 Upstream Speed 799 kbps Downstream Speed 8191 kbps CWMP Status Inform Status Inform Success Connecion Request Status No connection request LAN Configuration IP Address Subnet Mask IPV6 Address \ DHCP Server Enable MAC Address \ DNS Status DNS Mode Auto DNS Servers \ \ IPv6 DNS Mode Auto IPv6 DNS Servers   ADSL WAN Interfaces Interface VPI/VCI Encap Droute Protocol IP Address Gateway Status Internet 8/35 LLC On PPPoE \ \ up 6 day 23:6:7 / 6 day 23:6:7 IPTV 8/55 LLC Off mer1483 up ADSL WAN IPV6 Configuration Interface VPI/VCI Encap Protocol IPv6 Address Prefix Gateway Droute Status Internet 8/35 LLC PPPoE         Disabled IPTV 8/55 LLC mer1483         Disabled
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