LAN IPv6 Setting for the TP-Link TD864wRouter Sceenshot

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LAN IPv6 Setup LAN IPv6 Setting This page is used to configurate ipv6 lan setting. User can set lan RA server work mode and lan DHCPv6 server work mode. Lan Global Address Setting Global Address: / RA Setting Enable: M Flag: O Flag: Max Interval: Secs Min Interval: Secs Prefix Mode: Auto Manual Prefix Address: Prefix Length: [16 - 64] Preferred Time: [600 - 4294967295 S] Valid Time: [600 - 4294967295 S] DHCPv6 Setting DHCPv6 Mode: None Manual Auto Address Mode: Prefix Mode Pool Mode IPv6 Address Pool: -   Prefix Length: Preferred Time: Secs Valid Time: Secs DNS Servers:
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