Port Mapping for the TP-Link TD864wRouter Sceenshot

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Ethernet to ATM PVC Mapping Port Mapping Configuration To manipulate a mapping group: 1. Select a group from the table. 2. Select interfaces from the available/grouped interface list and add it to the grouped/available interface list using the arrow buttons to manipulate the required mapping of the ports. 3. Click "Apply Changes" button to save the changes. Note that the selected interfaces will be removed from their existing groups and added to the new group. Disable   Enable WAN " name=rmbtn> LAN Select Interfaces Status Default LAN1,LAN2,LAN3,LAN4,wlan,wlan-vap0,wlan-vap1,wlan-vap2,wlan-vap3,Internet,IPTV Enable Group1 -- Group2 -- Group3 -- Group4 --
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