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ADSL Connection Mode WAN Configuration This page is used to configure the parameters for the WAN interface of your ADSL and(or) Ethernet Modem/Router. Note : When connect type of PPPoE and PPPoA only is "Manual", the "Connect" and "Disconnect" button will be enable. Default Route Selection: Auto Specified VPI: VCI: Encapsulation: LLC VC-Mux Channel Mode: 1483 Bridged 1483 MER PPPoE PPPoA 1483 Routed IPoA Enable NAPT: Enable IGMP: Status: Enable   Disable IP Protocol: Ipv4/Ipv6 Ipv4 Ipv6 PPP Settings: User Name: Password: To use an internet service provider other than TTNET   You must enter your username as specified in your ADSL agreement ie: [email protected]_service_providername . If you do not know your username, please contact to your service provider. Type: Continuous Connect on Demand Manual Idle Time (min): WAN IP Settings: Type: Fixed IP DHCP Local IP Address: Remote IP Address: NetMask: Default Route: Disable Enable Auto Unnumbered: IPv6 WAN Setting: Address Mode: Slaac Static IPv6 Address: / IPv6 Gateway: Enable DHCPv6 Client: Request Options: Request Address Specify Address:  Preferred Time:  Valid Time:  Request Prefix SLA-ID  SLA Length  Enable DS-Lite: AFTR Mode: Auto Manual AFTR Name or Address: WAN Interfaces Table: Select Inf Mode VPI VCI Encap NAPT IGMP DRoute IP Addr Remote IP NetMask User Name Unnumber --> Status Edit Internet PPPoE 8 35 LLC On Off On \ \ \@ttnet up IPTV mer1483 8 55 LLC On On Off --- up
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