Wireless Advanced for the TP-Link TD864wRouter Sceenshot

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Wireless Advanced Setting Wireless Advanced Settings These settings are only for more technically advanced users who have a sufficient knowledge about wireless LAN. These settings should not be changed unless you know what effect the changes will have on your Access Point. Authentication Type: Open System   Shared Key   Auto Fragment Threshold: (256-2346) RTS Threshold: (0-2347) Beacon Interval: (20-1024 ms) DTIM Interval: (1-255) Data Rate: Auto 1M 2M 5.5M 11M 6M 9M 12M 18M 24M 36M 48M 54M MCS0 MCS1 MCS2 MCS3 MCS4 MCS5 MCS6 MCS7 MCS8 MCS9 MCS10 MCS11 MCS12 MCS13 MCS14 MCS15 Preamble Type: Long Preamble   Short Preamble Broadcast SSID: Enabled   Disabled Relay Blocking: Enabled   Disabled Ethernet to Wireless Blocking: Enabled   Disabled Wifi Multicast to Unicast: Enabled   Disabled Aggregation: Enabled   Disabled Short GI: Enabled   Disabled
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