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TL-MR3220 3G 3G settings is unavailable as the Internet Access is WAN Only . Please change settings on Internet Access if you want to use 3G.   3G USB Modem: E1820 If your location or ISP is not listed, or the default Dial number / APN is not the latest one, please enable Set the Dial Number and APN manually and fill in the right ones. Location: Australia Austria Bahrain Brazil Belgium Canada Chile China Denmark Dominican Republic El Salvador Egypt Finland France Germany Hong Kong, China India Indonesia Ireland Israel Italy Japan Kazakhstan Korea Luxembourg Macau Malaysia Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Panama Paraguay Peru Philippines PHL Poland Portugal ProXL PT Satelindo Russian Russian Federation Saudi Arabia Singapore South Africa Spain Sri Lanka Sweden Switzerland Taiwan, China Tango Thailand Turkey United Kingdom Uruguay USA Viet Nam Mobile ISP: Bigpond Hutchison 3G Optus Telstra Vodafone(Australia) Vodafone(Australia)   Default Dial Number:  " *99**# "   APN:  " telstra.bigpond "   Set the Dial Number and APN manually SIM/UIM PIN:   Message: PIN protection is disabled. Dial Number: APN: Username:   (optional) Password:   (optional)        Connected   The current Internet Access is . The Connection Mode and Max Idle Time could not be set manually. Connection Mode: Connect on Demand   Connect Automatically   Connect Manually   Max Idle Time:     minutes (0 means remain active at all times)   Authentication Type: Auto      PAP      CHAP Notice : The default is Auto, do not change unless necessary.   MTU Size (in bytes):    (The default is 1480, do not change unless necessary)   Use the following DNS Servers Primary DNS: Secondary DNS:   (Optional)