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Kibosh Router Management Utility Please Wait While Settings Are Applied Kibosh Router Management Utility Device Name: sparkle Upgrade Firmware By default upgrading your firmware will completely erase your current configuration. It is strongly recommended that you back up your current configuration before performing an upgrade. You can attempt to preserve your old settings by ticking Attempt to Preserve Settings below. Be aware that this can potentially lead to problems if the new version is significantly newer than the old version, but for small, incremental differences this will likely work. It is always best to keep a backup just in case. Current Version: Select Firmware File: Attempt to Preserve Settings Status Overview Bandwidth Usage B/W Distribution Web Usage Connected Hosts Connection List Connection Basic DHCP Web Filter Bypass Web Filter Settings Routing Wake on LAN Firewall Port Forwarding Connection Limits Restrictions Domain Blocking Quotas QoS (Upload) QoS (Download) System Router Access Identification Time USB Storage USB Printer Net Schedule WiFi Schedule Backup / Restore Update Firmware Reboot Router Manual About Logout
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