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TL-WR2543ND Status Firmware Version: 3.13.6 Build 110923 Rel.53137n Hardware Version: WR2543ND v1 00000000 LAN MAC Address: \ IP Address: Subnet Mask: Wireless Wireless Radio: Enable Name (SSID): \ Band: 2.4G Mode: 11bgn mixed Channel: Auto ( Current channel 5) Channel Width: Automatic Max Tx Rate: 450M MAC Address: \ WDS Status: Disable WAN MAC Address: \ IP Address: \ PPPoE (Connect Automatically) Subnet Mask:   Default Gateway: \   DNS Server: \ , \ Online Time: 0 day(s) 13:11:38 Secondary Connection IP Address: \ Static IP Subnet Mask: Traffic Statistics Received Sent Bytes: 3780954694 4257504628 Packets: 10296969 7724037 System Up Time: 0 days 13:18:42