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TP-Link TL-WR941ND Firmware Version: 3.13.9 Build 120201 Rel.54965n Hardware Version: WR941N v2/v3 00000000 Status Quick Setup QSS Network Wireless DHCP Forwarding Security Parental Control Access Control Advanced Routing Bandwidth Control IP & MAC Binding Dynamic DNS System Tools Wireless Settings Wireless Security Wireless MAC Filter Wireless Advanced Wireless Statistics Wireless Security Disable Security WEP Type: Automatic WEP Key Format: Hexadecimal Key Selected WEP Key (Password) Key Type Key 1: Disabled Key 2: Disabled Key 3: Disabled Key 4: Disabled WPA/WPA2 - Enterprise Version: Automatic Encryption: Automatic Radius Server IP: Radius Port: 1812 (1-65535, 0 stands for deafult port 1812) Radius Password: Group Key Update Period: 0 (in second, minimum is 30, 0 means no update) WPA/WPA2 - Personal (Recommended) Version: Automatic (Recommended) Encryption: Automatic (Recommended) PSK Password: (You can enter ASCII characters between 8 and 63 or Hexadecimal characters between 8 and 64.) Group Key Update Period: 0 Seconds (Keep it default if you are not sure, minimum is 30, 0 means no update) Wireless Security Help You can select one of the following security options: Disable Security - The wireless security function can be enabled or disabled. If disabled, the wireless stations will be able to connect the Router without encryption. It is recommended strongly that you choose one of the following options to enable security. WEP - Select 802.11 WEP security. WPA/WPA2 - Personal - Select WPA based on pre-shared passphrase. WPA/WPA2 - Enterprise - Select WPA based on Radius Server.
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