Wireless Access Control for the Technicolor TC7110Router Sceenshot

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Residential Gateway Configuration: Wireless - Access Control Administration Gateway VoIP Status - Network - Advanced - Firewall - Parental Control - Wireless Radio Primary Network Access Control Advanced Bridging WMM Wireless 802.11 Access Control  :  This page allows the configuration of the Access Control to the AP as well as status on the connected clients. Administration Web Page Access Allow Deny (Allow or Deny Access to Administration Web Page from PC connected over Wifi.) Wireless Interface ); \ MAC Restrict Mode Disabled Allow Deny   MAC Addresses                 Connected Clients   MAC Address     Age(s)     RSSI(dBm)     Type     IP Addr     Host Name   \ 72 -68 11g \ 0 -79 11n Static IP - Technicolor - 2011
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