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Technicolor Gateway - Game & Application Sharing Technicolor - Technicolor To view the Web interface of your device, JavaScript must be supported and enabled on your browser! Please enable scripting and refresh your browser.   Game & Application Sharing This page summarizes the games and applications defined on your Technicolor Gateway. Each game or application can be assigned to a device on your local network. Universal Plug and Play Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) is a technology that enables seamless operation of a wide range of games and messaging applications. Use UPnP: Use Extended Security: Assigned Games & Applications Click on 'Unassign' to disable a game or a application or use the last row in the table to assign a game or application to a local network device. If the game or the application you are looking for does not exist, click here to create it (you will be asked for game or application details). Choose 'User-defined' in the device list and enter its IP address if the device you are looking for does not appear in the device list. Game or Application Device Log GTAadal \ Off Steam Games Off AIM Talk BearShare BitTorrent Checkpoint FW1 VPN Counter Strike DirectX 7 DirectX 8 DirectX 9 eMule enneittGTA FTP Server Gamespy Arcade GTAport80 HTTP Server (World Wide Web) HTTPS Server iMesh KaZaA likaGTA likaGTA2 likaGTA3 likaGTA4 likaGTA5 Mail Server (SMTP) Microsoft Remote Desktop MSN Game Zone MSN Game Zone (DX) NNTP Server PPTP Server Secure Shell Server (SSH) Telnet Server VNC Xbox Live \ Technicolor TG589vn v2 \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ <User-defined...>  
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