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Technicolor Gateway - Dynamic DNS Service TG799vn v2 Administrator | Language: en   sv   Home Technicolor Gateway Broadband Connection Toolbox Address Book IPv6 DHCP Operation Telephony Portmaps Game & Application Sharing Parental Control Firewall Intrusion Detection Dynamic DNS User Management Content Sharing Home Network Help Information   Home > Toolbox > Dynamic DNS Overview | Configure Dynamic DNS Service Dynamic DNS can be used to point a fixed host name (e.g host.a-domain.com) to the public (or WAN) IP address assigned by your Internet Service Provider (typically a dynamic IP address). This allows servers located on your Local Network (configured using Game & Application Sharing) to be accessible using this alias rather than the IP address assigned by your Internet Service Provider. Configuration This page gives an overview of the different DynDNS clients with their name, hostnames, interface and their IP-address. Service Hostname Interface IP   No-IP \ Internet \  
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