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Technicolor Gateway - Defined Games & Applications TG799vn v2 Administrator | Language: en   sv   Home Technicolor Gateway Broadband Connection Toolbox Address Book IPv6 DHCP Operation Telephony Portmaps Game & Application Sharing Parental Control Firewall Intrusion Detection Dynamic DNS User Management Content Sharing Home Network Help Information   Home > Toolbox > Game & Application Sharing > Game or Application Definition Defined Games & Applications This page summarizes the games and applications defined on your Technicolor Gateway. Each game or application can be assigned to a device on your local network. Game or Application Assigned to ... Mode AIM Talk   Client Edit BearShare   Server Edit BitTorrent   Client Edit Checkpoint FW1 VPN   Server Edit Counter Strike   Server Edit DirectX 7   Server Edit DirectX 8   Server Edit DirectX 9   Server Edit eMule   Server Edit FTP Server   Server Edit Gamespy Arcade   Server Edit HTTP Server (World Wide Web)   Server Edit HTTPS Server   Server Edit iMesh   Server Edit KaZaA   Server Edit Mail Server (SMTP)   Server Edit Microsoft Remote Desktop   Server Edit MSN Game Zone   Server Edit MSN Game Zone (DX)   Server Edit New_entry2   Custom Edit NNTP Server   Server Edit PPTP Server   Server Edit Secure Shell Server (SSH)   Server Edit Steam Games   Server Edit Telnet Server   Server Edit VNC   Server Edit Webbcam   Custom Edit Webbkamera   Custom Edit webbkamera 1   Custom Edit  
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