Local Network Devices for the Technicolor TG799vn v2Router Sceenshot

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Technicolor Gateway - Local Network Devices TG799vn v2 Administrator | Language: en   sv   Home Technicolor Gateway Broadband Connection Toolbox Home Network Devices Interfaces Help Information   Home > Home Network > Devices Overview | Configure Local Network Devices Detected Device(s) The table below contains the list of devices the Technicolor Gateway detected on your local network. Click on a device name to get more information on a device. Name IP Address Interface TG799vn v2   E520 ethport4 \ WLAN \ ethport2 \ WLAN \ WLAN \ WLAN \ WLAN \ WLAN \ ethport4 \ ethport4 \ ethport4 \ WLAN \ WLAN iPhone WLAN \ WLAN DCS-930L WLAN \ WLAN \ WLAN \ WLAN Pick a task... Assign a game or application to a local network device  
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