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Gateway Administrator Change my password Sign out Gateway Version Turquoise (15.3) Broadband Ethernet connected Internet Access DHCP on WAN IP is VoIP IP is IPTV IP is Wireless WiFi enabled Network name is TeliaGateway9C-97-26-7B-5C-99 Local Network DHCP enabled Gateway IP is and netmask is Devices 6 ethernet devices connected 5 WiFi devices connected WAN Services DynDNS connecting 5 port forwarding rules are defined 2 upnp rules are active Firewall Firewall level: normal Telephony Telephony enabled 1 Registered Accounts Diagnostics --> Mobile 3G/4G Disconnected Management User management and log viewer Content Sharing Samba disabled DLNA enabled Parental Controls Site blocking disabled 0 site blocking rules are defined DMZ DMZ disabled © Technicolor 2015