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adslconfig.htm --> ADSL Configuration This page shows the setting of the ADSL Router. Adsl Mode: T1.413 G992.1 G992.3 G.LITE G992.5 BitSwap SRA AnnexL    Adsl Retrain: --> Adsl Line Status SHOWTIME.L0 Adsl Mode G992.5 Up Stream 316 kbps Down Stream 1027 kbps Attenuation Down Stream 60 Attenuation Up Stream 40 SNR Margin Down Stream 24.8 SNR Margin Up Stream 21.9 Vendor ID RETK Firmware Version CRC Errors 3 Up Stream BER 0e-7 Down Stream BER 0e-7 Up Output Power 12 Down Output Power 15.5 ES 2 SES 0 UAS 0 Adsl Retrain:   
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