Dynamic Routing for the Thomson TG580Router Sceenshot

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Thomson TG580 Logged in: admin   Home  >  Toolbox  >  Dynamic Routing   RIP Dynamic Routing Dynamic Routing can be used to cache routes learned by routing protocols, thus allowing the automation of static routing maintenance. The router, using the RIP (Routing Information Protocol) protocol, determines the network packet's route based on the fewest number of hops between the source and the destination. In this case, you could automatically adjust to physical changes in the network layout. Configuration Working Mode: Router Gateway Listen Mode: Disabled RIP1 RIP2 Both(RIP1+RIP2) Supply Mode: Disabled RIP1 RIP2 Both(RIP1+RIP2) Home Thomson Gateway Broadband Connection Toolbox Remote Assistance Game & Application Sharing Parental Control Firewall Intrusion Detection Dynamic DNS Dynamic Routing Qos Settings User Management Home Network Help
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