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Thomson TG580 Logged in: admin   Home  >  Toolbox  >  Qos   QoS QoS Settings The bandwidth gap between LAN and WAN may significantly degrade performance of critical network applications, such as VoIP, gaming, and VPN. Enable or disable QoS module function Enable QoS module Diffserv Forwarding Groups Below shows the Diffserv forwarding behaviors this router supports. User can further configure the bandwidth allocation of each forwarding behavior. Name Description Priority Bandwidth Allocation Minimum Allow More Traffic Mapping Up to 16 rules can be defined to classify traffic into Diffserv forwarding groups and outgoing VCs. Rule Name Traffic Description Map to Diffserv Outgoing VC Configure Home Thomson Gateway Broadband Connection Toolbox Remote Assistance Game & Application Sharing Parental Control Firewall Intrusion Detection Dynamic DNS Dynamic Routing Qos Settings User Management Home Network Help
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