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Thomson Gateway - Intrusion Detection Thomson - Thomson Gateway To view the Web interface of your device, JavaScript must be supported and enabled on your browser! Please enable scripting and refresh your browser. Thomson TG789vn Language: en   nl   Logged in as:  admin Home Thomson Gateway Broadband Connection Toolbox Remote Assistance Address Book Telephony Game & Application Sharing Parental Control Firewall Intrusion Detection User Management Home Network Help Home > Toolbox > Intrusion Detection Intrusion Detection Your Thomson Gateway is protecting your network against malicious intrusions. This page shows you the intrusions you are protected against. Protected Intrusions Status: Enabled The table shows the number of times the Thomson Gateway actively protected your network against each intrusion since last statistics reset. Intrusion Name Count fragment_sweep 0 zero-length_fragment_size 0 small_fragment_size 0 fragment_size_overrun 0 fragment_overlap 0 fragment_out-of-order 158 ip_protocol_scan 0 tcp_port_scan 10 tcp_syn_scan 0 stealth_tcp_null_scan 0 stealth_tcp_fin_scan 0 stealth_tcp_xmas_scan 0 stealth_tcp_full_xmas_scan 0 stealth_tcp_vecna_scan 0 stealth_tcp_syn-fin_scan 0 udp_port_scan 0 ping_sweep_scan 17 tcp_syn_flood 0 udp_flood 6 ping_flood 0 icmp_unreachable_storm 0 smurf_broadcast_attack 0 smurf_storm_attack 0 fraggle_broadcast_attack 0 fraggle_storm_attack 0 land_attack 0 tcp_null_port 0 tcp_data_on_syn_segment 24 tcp_invalid_urgent_offset 1 udp_null_port 373 icmp_type_unknown 0 icmp_code_unknown 682393 ip_zero_payload 0 tcp_rate_limiting 0 udp_rate_limiting 0 icmp_rate_limiting 14068 ip_rate_limiting 0 Pick a task... View the security logs Clear intrusion detection statistics
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