Wireless - Guest Network for the Thomson TWG850Router Sceenshot

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Residential Gateway Configuration: Wireless - Guest Network Basic Security Access Control Advanced Bridging WMM Guest Network - Thomson - 2007 Gateway VoIP Status - Network - Advanced - Firewall - Parental Control - Wireless Wireless 802.11b/g Guest Network  :  This page allows configuration of a guest network. Guest WiFi Security Settings Guest Network Disabled Enabled Guest Network Name (SSID) Use Multiple BSSIDs Disabled Enabled WPA Disabled Enabled WPA-PSK Disabled Enabled WPA2 Disabled Enabled WPA2-PSK Disabled Enabled   WPA/WPA2 Encryption Disabled WPA Pre-Shared Key RADIUS Server RADIUS Port RADIUS Key   Group Key Rotation Interval WPA/WPA2 Re-auth Interval WPA2 Pre-auth Disabled Enabled -->   WEP Encryption Disabled WEP (64-bit) WEP (128-bit) Shared Key Authentication Optional Required 802.1x Authentication Disabled Enabled Network Key 1 Network Key 2 Network Key 3 Network Key 4 Current Network Key 1 2 3 4 PassPhrase   Guest LAN Settings DHCP Server Disabled Enabled IP Address Subnet Mask Lease Pool Start Lease Pool End Lease Time
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