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myhome>Advanced>Port forwarding --> You are logged in as admin. Activate VoIP settings Save settings Logout   Setup Switch Advanced Wireless Tools Status Account Phone Help Connection settings Static routing UPnP Application level gateway Firewall and Filters DMZ Templates Port forwarding IP filters LAN settings LAN clients LAN isolation Miscellaneous Dynamic DNS SNMP Port forwarding Forward by template Add rule LAN client: "" "" "Cisco" or IP address: Template: CarbonCopy Gnutella LapLink Netbios PcAnywhere Radmin RemoteAnything VNC Win2k Terminal Net2Phone Netmeeting Quick Time 4 Server Aliens vs Predator Asheron's Call Dark Rein 2 Delta Force DirectX (7,8) Games Doom Dune 2000 EliteForce EverQuest Fighter Ace II Half Life Heretic II Hexen II Kali MSN Gaming Zone Minecraft Server Motorhead Need for Speed 3 Need for Speed Porsche Outlaws Quake 2 Server Quake 3 Server Rainbow 6 Rogue Spear Starcraft Tiberian Sun Ultima Unreal Server Unreal Tournament FTP Server IMAP Server IRC Server LDAP Server Lotus Server NNTP Server POP 2 Server POP 3 Server Remotely Possible Server SMTP Server TELNET Server Connection: Add Active rules No active rules Reset Custom forwarding New rule Name: Connection: Add Available rules Name Connection Enabled Source Destination Portmaps Delete PF1 Any TCP,UDP / 5000 - : Apply Reset DSx000-02_03_09_29 © 2000-2012 Tilgin. All rights reserved. Copyright and Trademark.
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