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myhome>VoIP>Services --> You are logged in as admin. Activate VoIP settings Save settings Logout   Setup VoIP Switch Advanced Wireless Tools Status Account Phone Storage Printing Help Setup Country specific SIP Dial plan NAT Codecs Services Services Caller ID Protocols: DTMF DTMF standard: ETSI EN 300 659-1 (Sweden) TDK-TS 900 216 (Denmark) ETSI EN 300 659-1 (Netherlands) FSK FSK standard: ETSI, Europe British Telecom, UK CCA, UK Telecordia, USA TIA, USA Stentor, Canada Telestra Austel, Australia NTT Docomo, Japan Name lookup from hitta.se Enigma Address: Save changes Reset Attention: In order to activate your changes please press the "Activate VoIP settings" button on the top. ESx000-02_05_01_17 © 2000-2014 Tilgin. All rights reserved. Copyright and Trademark.
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