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myhome>Help>WAN connections --> You are logged in as admin. Activate VoIP settings Save settings Logout   Setup VoIP Switch Advanced Wireless Tools Status Account Phone Storage Printing Help Setup Management server WAN connections NAT and firewall LAN configuration Advanced Service separation LAN clients Firewall configuration MAC address cloning Wireless Configuration WAN connections Each configured WAN connection is presented in a list under "Available connections". By clicking on the name of the connection you get direct access to that specific connection data, which of course can be edited and saved. In order to create new connection: input name; choose connection type: bridge, DHCP, PPPoE or static; optionally, input a description. Press Create for detailed connection configuration. Dependent on the connection type several different parameter sets must be configured. Connection deletion is done by checking the "Delete" checkbox and press "Apply" in the "Available connections" list. ESx000-02_05_01_17 © 2000-2014 Tilgin. All rights reserved. Copyright and Trademark.
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