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>Advanced>LAN --> 2000-2007 Tilgin. All rights reserved. Copyright and Trademark. HOME SETUP VOIP SWITCH ADVANCED WIRELESS TOOLS STATUS ACCOUNT PHONE HELP Connection settings RTSP Proxy PPP Passthrough Voice UPnP IP QoS Multicast Static Routing Dynamic Routing Firewall and Filters Port Forwarding IP Filters Bridge Filters Web Filters Access Control LAN settings LAN Clients LAN Isolation MAC Address Cloning SNTP SNMP Remote Access Account White List Log Out Advanced The Advanced section lets you configure advanced features. RTSP Proxy Configure RTSP Proxy. PPP Passthrough Configure PPP Passthrough. Voice Configure Voice for different connections. UPnP Configure UPnP for different connections. IP QoS Configure IP Quality of Service for different connections. Multicast Configure Multicast pass-through for different connections. Static Routing Configure Static routes. Dynamic Routing Configure RIP. Port Forwarding Configure Firewall and NAT pass-through to your hosted applications. IP Filters Configure Firewall to block your LAN PCs from accessing the Internet. Bridge Filters Select to setup Bridge Filters. Web Filters Select to setup Web Filters. Access Control Configure access control list. LAN Clients Configure LAN Clients. LAN Isolation Disable traffic between LANs. Mac Address Cloning Configure Mac Address Cloning. SNTP Configure SNTP to configure time server on Internet. SNMP Configure SNMP Management. Remote Access The Remote Access allows you to configure the SIP account used for remote access and white lists if enabled.
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