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>Help>Bridge Filter Help --> 2000-2007 Tilgin. All rights reserved. Copyright and Trademark. HOME SETUP VOIP SWITCH ADVANCED WIRELESS TOOLS STATUS ACCOUNT PHONE HELP Help Firewall Bridge Filters LAN Clients LAN Group Configuration PPP Connection Voice UPnP IP QoS RIP Help Log Out Bridge Filter Help The bridge filtering mechanism provides a way for the users to define rules to allow/deny frames through the bridge based on source MAC address, destination MAC address and/or frame type. When bridge filtering is enabled, each frame is examined against the each defined filter rules sequentially, and when a matched is determined, the appropriate filtering action (determined by the access type selected ... i.e allow or deny) is performed. The user should note that the bridge filter will only examined frames from interfaces which is part of the bridge itself. Twenty filter rules are supported with bridge filtering. The User Interface for Bridge Filter allows the user to add/edit/delete, as well as, enable the filter rules. To add a rules, simply define the source MAC address, destination MAC address and frame type with desired filtering type (i.e. allow/deny), and press the "Add" button. The MAC address must be in a xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx format, with 00-00-00-00-00-00 as "don't care". Blanks can be used in the MAC address space, and would be considered also as "don't care". To edit/modify an exist filter rule, select the desired rule created previously from "Add" in the "Edit" select box. The selected filter rule will appear on top section, as with the "Add" filter rule. Make the desired change to the MAC address, frame type and/or access type, and press "Apply". To delete filter rule(s), select the filter rule entry to delete in the "Delete" selection box. Note that multiple deletion is possible. Once all the desired filter rule(s) is/are selected for deletion, press the "Apply" button. The "Select All" select box can also be used to delete all the filter rule. It provides a quick method of selecting all filter rules for deletion. The "Enable Bridge Filters" button allow the user to enable or disable bridge filtering. It can be set/unset during any add/edit/delete operation. It can also be set/unset independently by just pressing the "Apply" button. Note: There are three hidden filter rules within the bridge filter table. These rules are entered automatically by the system to ensure the user does not "lock" themselves out of the system. The first rule allows any and all ARP frames through the system. The second rule allows all IPv4 frames with the destination MAC address of the bridge to go through. The third rule allows all IPv4 frames with the source MAC address of the bridge to go through.
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