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>Help>LAN Configuration Help --> 2000-2007 Tilgin. All rights reserved. Copyright and Trademark. HOME SETUP VOIP SWITCH ADVANCED WIRELESS TOOLS STATUS ACCOUNT PHONE HELP Help Firewall Bridge Filters LAN Clients LAN Group Configuration PPP Connection Voice UPnP IP QoS RIP Help Log Out LAN Configuration Help Configuring LAN Groups with static IP address must be done in a way that the range of assignable IP address on each of the LAN groups should not overlap with other lan groups. A rule of thumb would be that each lan group should be on its own network. For example, say you have 3 lan groups each being setup with static IP addressing. Below is a sample configuration data, LanGroup #1 IP Address NetMask LanGroup #2 IP Address NetMask LanGroup #3 IP Address NetMask The example shows that each lan group is on its own network and that there is no everlap in assignable IP address besed on netmask.
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