Network Statistics for the Tilgin Vood 322Router Sceenshot

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>Status>Network Statistics --> 2000-2007 Tilgin. All rights reserved. Copyright and Trademark. HOME SETUP VOIP SWITCH ADVANCED WIRELESS TOOLS STATUS ACCOUNT PHONE HELP Status Network Statistics Connection Status DHCP Clients Product Information System Log Log Out Network Statistics Choose an interface to view your network statistics: Ethernet WAN Transmit Good Tx Frames 250458 Good Tx Broadcast Frames 1 Good Tx Multicast Frames 0 Tx Total Bytes 249148977 Collisions 0 Error Frames 0 Carrier Sense Errors 0 Receive Good Rx Frames 190011 Good Rx Broadcast Frames 6 Good Rx Multicast Frames 4 Rx Total Bytes 39715656 CRC Errors 0 Undersized Frames 0 Overruns 11
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