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>Home>Home --> 2000-2007 Tilgin. All rights reserved. Copyright and Trademark. HOME SETUP VOIP SWITCH ADVANCED WIRELESS TOOLS STATUS ACCOUNT PHONE HELP Welcome to the Tilgin Router Setup The Setup section allows you to configure provisioning, connections and other basic settings. VOIP The VoIP section allows you to configure your VoIP parameters. Switch The switch section lets you configure advanced switch features. Advanced The Advanced section lets you configure advanced features like RIP, Firewall, NAT, Voice, UPnP, IGMP, Bridge Filters, and LAN clients. Wireless The Wireless section lets you configure wireless related features. Tools The Tools section lets you carry out system commands and perform simple system tests. Status The Status section displays status, log and statistical information for all connections and interfaces. Account The Account section allows you to view and configure user accounts and services. Phone The phone section allows you to configure and view phone settings, such as associations of phones and voip accounts, group numbers and call barrings. Help The Help section provides information on configuration and settings for each section. Status Information Time: 2012-01-26 21:19:48 WAN Ethernet: Connected Product Name: Vood 322 System Uptime: 13 hours 32 minutes Ethernet: Connected Software Revision: 322_ESA1100_03_05_05_03
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