PPPoE for the UStec TP-IPR8Router Sceenshot

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WAN | PPPoE PPPoE (Dial-Up xDSL) Enter the PPPoE user name and password assigned by your Service Provider. The Service Name is normally optional, by may be required by some service providers. Enter a Maximum Idle Time (in minutes) to define a maximum period of time for which the Internet connection is maintained during inactivity. If the connection is inactive for longer than the defined Maximum Idle Time, then it will be dropped. You can enable the Connect-on-demand option to automatically re-establish the connection as soon as you attempt to access the Internet again. If your Internet Service Provider requires the use of PPPoE, enter the information below. User Name Password Please retype your password Service Name (optional) IP Address (optional) Primary DNS Address (optional) Secondary DNS Address (optional) MTU (40-1492) Maximum Idle Time (minutes) Connect-on-demand
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