Wireless Guest Network for the Ubee DDW3650Router Sceenshot

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Residential Gateway Configuration: Wireless - Guest Network Status Basic Advanced Firewall Access Control Wireless USB Wireless Radio Primary Network Guest Network Advanced Access Control WMM Bridging Media 1.0 Guest Network > Wireless > Guest Network Guest Network  UBEE_GUEST_0_0 () Guest WiFi Security Settings Guest Network Disabled Enabled Guest Network Name (SSID) Closed Network Disabled Enabled Mode Required None ERP HT AP Isolate Disabled Enabled Use Multiple BSSIDs --> WPA Disabled Enabled WPA-PSK Disabled Enabled WPA2 Disabled Enabled WPA2-PSK Disabled Enabled   WPA/WPA2 Encryption Disabled WPA Pre-Shared Key Show Key RADIUS Server RADIUS Port RADIUS Key   Group Key Rotation Interval WPA/WPA2 Re-auth Interval WPA2 Pre-auth Disabled Enabled -->   WEP Encryption Disabled WEP (64-bit) WEP (128-bit) Shared Key Authentication Optional Required 802.1x Authentication Disabled Enabled --> Network Key 1 Network Key 2 Network Key 3 Network Key 4 Current Network Key 1 2 3 4 PassPhrase   Guest LAN Settings Network LAN Guest IP Address Subnet Mask Lease Pool Start Lease Pool End Lease Time UPnP Enable Disabled Enabled Firewall Enable Disabled Enabled DHCPv6 Server Disabled Enabled Hotspot Mode Auth Server  (IP or name) Auth Server Protocol Login Timeout Gateway Server Port Hotspot Preshared Key --> © 2016 Ubee Interactive. All rights reserved. Alert You must change the default password for security reason!
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