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Residential Gateway Configuration: Status - Security Status Basic Advanced Firewall Parental Control Wireless Telephony Battery MoCA Logout Status Software Connection Account Diagnostics Client List User Default 1.0 Client List > Status > Client List CPE Interface Status Interface Status Eth-Switch Lan(0) enabled Eth-Switch Lan(1) enabled Eth-Switch Lan(2) enabled Eth-Switch Lan(3) enabled Tools - Client List Host Name IP Address MAC Address Interface Unknown Unknown (WiFi)(0)(0) Primary (WiFi)(0)(0) Primary Unknown Unknown (WiFi)(0)(0) Primary Unknown Eth-Switch Lan(1) Chromecast (WiFi)(0)(0) Primary android- (WiFi)(0)(0) Primary android- (WiFi)(0)(0) Primary android- (WiFi)(0)(0) Primary Eth-Switch Lan(0) Unknown Unknown (WiFi)(0)(0) Primary © 2015 Ubee Interactive. All rights reserved.
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