Basic Setup for the Ubee DVW32CBRouter Sceenshot

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Residential Gateway Configuration: Basic - Setup Status Basic Advanced Firewall Parental Control Wireless Telephony Battery MoCA Logout Basic Setup DHCP DHCPv6 LAN IPv6 DDNS Static Lease Backup Time 1.0 Setup > Basic > Setup Network Configuration   IPv6 Address:   IPv6 Prefix:   IPv4 Address: . . . MAC Address Interface/Prefix   Eth-Switch Lan(0)   Eth-Switch Lan(1)   Eth-Switch Lan(2)   Eth-Switch Lan(3)   MoCA   (WiFi)(0)(0) Primary   (WiFi)(0)(1) MBSS   (WiFi)(0)(2) MBSS   (WiFi)(0)(3) MBSS   (WiFi)(0)(4) MBSS   (WiFi)(0)(5) MBSS   (WiFi)(0)(6) MBSS   (WiFi)(0)(7) MBSS   (WiFi)(1)(0) Primary   (WiFi)(1)(1) MBSS   (WiFi)(1)(2) MBSS   (WiFi)(1)(3) MBSS   (WiFi)(1)(4) MBSS   (WiFi)(1)(5) MBSS   (WiFi)(1)(6) MBSS   (WiFi)(1)(7) MBSS WAN   IPv6 Address:     /128   IPv6 Server Address:   IPv4 Address:   MAC Address:   Duration D: 01 H: 00 M: 00 S: 00   Expires: Tue Sep 22 17:32:38 2015   IPv4 DNS Servers:       IPv6 DNS Servers: None     WAN Connection Type  DHCP Static IP PPTP (dhcp) PPTP (static) L2TP (dhcp) L2TP (static)   Host Name (Required by some ISPs)   Domain Name (Required by some ISPs) --> Ipv4 MTU Size (256-1500 octets, 0 = use default) © 2015 Ubee Interactive. All rights reserved.
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