Gateway DHCP for the Ubee U10C022Router Sceenshot

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Residential Gateway Configuration: Gateway - DHCP MODEM | GATEWAY | WIRELESS | VPN | PARENTAL CONTROL | FIREWALL | TOOLS Basic Gateway Setup Information Setup DHCP Static Lease Time Advanced Gateway Setup Options MAC Filtering IP Filtering Port Filtering Forwarding Port Triggering Pass Through DMZ Host Gateway - DHCP DHCP Server Yes No Starting Address Set Private Starting Address 192.168.0. (1~253) Number of CPEs Public Starting Address 0.0.0. (1~254) Number of CPEs Lease Time DHCP Clients MAC Address IP Address Subnet Mask Duration Expires Select \ D:00 H:01 M:00 S:00 Tue Nov 23 02:55:37 2010 \ D:00 H:01 M:00 S:00 Tue Nov 23 02:45:03 2010 Current System Time: Tue Nov 23 02:06:04 2010
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