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cattlemans: [AirRouter] - Advanced Tools: Align Antenna... Site Survey... Discovery... Ping... Traceroute... Speed Test... AirView...       Advanced Wireless Settings   RTS Threshold: Off Fragmentation Threshold: Off Distance:   miles ( 0.6 km) ACK Timeout:   Auto Adjust Aggregation: Enable Frames  Bytes Multicast Data: Allow All Enable Installer EIRP Control: Enable Extra Reporting: Enable Client Isolation:   Sensitivity Threshold, dBm: Off   Advanced Ethernet Settings   Enable Autonegotiation: Link Speed, Mbps: 100 10 Enable Full Duplex:   Traffic Shaping   Enable Traffic Shaping: Incoming Traffic Limit: kbit/s Incoming Traffic Burst: kBytes Outgoing Traffic Limit: kbit/s Outgoing Traffic Burst: kBytes     Copyright 2006-2011 Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.
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