Port Filtering for the Verizon FivespotRouter Sceenshot

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Verizon Fivespot Firewall-->MAC/IP/Port Filtering     • MAC/IP/Port Filtering •Port Forwarding •System Security Basic Settings MAC/IP/Port Filtering Disable Enable Default Policy -- The packet that doesn't match with any rules would be: Accepted Dropped MAC/IP/Port Filter Settings (The maximum rule count is 10) MAC address  (XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX,  eg: 00:1E:90:FF:FF:FF) Dest IP Address  ( XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX, eg: Source IP Address Applications None DNS HTTP HTTPS FTP Email(POP3) Email(IMAP) Telnet RTP Protocol None TCP UDP TCP+UDP ICMP    Dest. Port Range -  ( 1~65535) Src Port Range -  ( 1~65535) Action Drop Accept Comment    Current MAC/IP/Port filtering rules in system: No. 1 - 10 MAC Address Dest IP Address Source IP Address Protocol Dest Port Range Source Port Range Action Comment 1                 2                 3                 4                 5                 6                 7                 8                 9                 10                 Others would be accepted.   
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